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Are you considering switching to VoIP but aren’t sure how to take the next step? Whether you have a small business looking to add a few lines, or a large-scale call center, our seasoned team will guide you through the entire setup and migration process.

Amicus MSP will work with you to determine the optimal functionality that is best suited for your business needs. Once we come to a thorough understanding of your workflow, you are provided with options for reputable service providers that fit your functional and budgetary needs. After a vendor is selected, we work closely with their team to ensure your staff is configured and trained as needed while making sure you are not paying for bells and whistles you don’t need. With every project Amicus takes part in the end goal is always the same, to make sure our clients are happy with the results!

How Does VoIP Benefit My business?

While reduced cost is generally the biggest reason for most migrations, the functional VoIP offers are also key to the decision for many businesses. Not only does VoIP offer standard analog features such as voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and three-way calling, but also provides benefits that traditional landlines just can’t offer. Video-conferencing, voice messages to e-mail, click-to-dial and smartphone integration can all be setup quickly and managed from your online user portal. Adding additional lines, making changes to user handsets, printing user activity reports and utilizing software to further enhance the functionality of your phone has never been easier.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a digital phone system that operates over the internet in order to improve upon and replace traditional analog phone services. Because the signal is digital, VoIP can interact with computers and software to provide advanced features unavailable on older analog systems. This technology allows end users to make calls from their VoIP phones or computer to any analog or VoIP phone system, there are no limitations on who you can speak with or where you can speak from!

Turn Your Call Center into a Contact Center with VoIP!

As technology evolves, so do our customer’s expectations. With the ability to e-mail, text and live chat becoming a standard function of call center support, businesses can no longer afford to limit a customer’s preferred methods of communication. Fortunately, not only do these options improve user experience, they benefit your company as well! VoIP provides a range of features to improve flexibility, customization, lower costs and greater insight with reporting and monitoring.

With growth and downsizing being a constant of any business, flexibility is key. Adding or dropping lines as needed can be achieved immediately, allowing your business to stay nimble in the face of an ever-changing business climate.

Perhaps the most exciting component to VoIP is the constant improvement. Like any technology, new functionality is introduced all the time. Whether it be a software update to improve usability or a brand-new idea that takes the industry by storm, with VoIP, you are positioned to take advantage of these features immediately and frequently at no additional cost.

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