Technology planning is often overlooked although it can be one of the most essential and critical parts of the office environment. As wireless technology becomes more ubiquitous, remember businesses run on wires. Whether you’re using Ethernet or fiber to send large quantities of data without interference or you just need to charge a battery powered device, the more wires you include in your office build-out, the more options your users will have as their use of the space evolves.

Amicus MSP prides itself on being able to assist with a complete deployment from an empty space to a fully-functioning location complete with a fully bespoke design plan.

  • Physical infrastructure (design, desks, chairs, carpets, lighting, power, floorplan)
  • Network infrastructure (rack equipment, cabling, ISP, failover, VPN, telco, wifi, printing)
  • High-level IT infrastructure (backup, disaster recovery, points of contact, security, licensing)
  • Location-specific needs (point of sale, compliance)

Design and functionality of your office are essential to your employee’s productivity. Proper lighting, adjustable desks and comfortable temperature control, help increase performance allowing benefits over long haul.

Bring the power of your brand to every message, consistently and impactfully.

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