Simple data backup no longer cuts it in today’s business environment. Recovery time is now recognized as a key to minimizing exposure to loss. Planning and automation are key ingredients to keeping your business up and running.

Natural disaster, ransomware (ie; Wannacry and Cryptolocker), rogue actors, hardware failure or human error can strike at any time. Without a plan in place, the impact from data loss can be severe. Even a near-instant-recovery backup solution can have a cascade effect if the recovery isn’t planned and executed well – systems may not reconnect to the new database, or may continue to try to update data to the wrong location, sometimes causing even worse problems than a direct outage. One study reports that a company that experiences a computer outage lasting for more than 10 days will never fully recover financially and that 50 percent of companies suffering such a predicament will be out of business within 5 years.

The time needed to recover data may vary greatly. If a data backup exists and is readily accessible, the time needed to recover data may be very short. On the other hand, if the data on the hard drive is corrupted, it may require several days to retrieve the data. Amicus MSP offers business continuity solutions that spin up in a fraction of that time.

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