A common mistake made by many businesses is to ignore their technology, because it’s “good enough.”

A recent study by research company Gartner found that the average cost of IT downtime was $5,600 per minute. Another study by IT company Everbridge found that it was $8,662 per minute. That’s an estimated $300,000 to $500,000 lost in just one hour of downtime! Every minute your company’s technology infrastructure is down it costs money, time and most importantly, your reputation. Although it’s possible to save money in the short term by delaying upgrades or choosing inexpensive options, companies have learned from experience that those decisions can backfire. Along the way, their IT chiefs have developed tactics to make sure that total cost of ownership for an upgrade is always part of the conversation on infrastructure investments.

Questions you should ask:

  • What factors should you take into consideration when you’re contemplating a technology refresh?
  • How often should you replace your desktop computers?
  • How often should you replace laptops and mobile devices? Servers? Mission-critical software?

Considerations you should make:

  • What’s in your budget?
  • How much are your old computers really costing you?
  • Are your old computers delaying other upgrades?
  • Are old, slow computers driving away your patrons?
  • How long are the computers under warranty?
  • Does the vendor still support the technology?

Planning is simply more cost effective than post-incident damage control and involves none of the risk, it’s just good business. Getting your business back to work immediately means avoiding substantial downtime and the associated costs. Life is no longer on paper, even hospitals are not allowed to have “hard copy” documents anymore.

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