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Are You Looking For Managed IT Support For Your Real Estate Business?

The financial sector demands some of the most cutting-edge technology of any industry on the planet. Though regulatory compliance is a focal point, security, big data, analytics and infrastructure all play major roles in its core services. Our focus at Amicus MSP is to ensure you have secure, stable infrastructure in place with access to the tools you need. We understand that providing top quality service to your clients in this incredibly competitive industry is critical. We work with you to develop and implement long-term technology strategies, while improving your process and quality of service capabilities.

What Amicus MSP can offer your financial service business:

  • Compliance, regulation and risk management strategies (SEC, FINRA, SOX & FDIC.)
  • Infrastructure design, implementation and management.
  • PC, E-mail and data encryption for the transmission of sensitive information.
  • IT Support with 24/7 availability.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery to mitigate data loss, downtime and associated costs.
  • Managed WiFi

Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance for Financial Service Companies

With the compliance and regulatory requirements of the financial industry, securing the collection, storage, backup and distribution of your data is paramount. Amicus MSP’s experience in the industry can help your business navigate the intricacies of SEC, FINRA, SOX and FDIC regulations. Each organization has different compliance requirements with cyber security and data protection protocols needing to be met. Your organization can rely on our experienced IT professionals to ensure you remain in compliance.

IT Support and Managed IT Services for Financial Services Firms

Working with Amicus MSP as your Managed IT Service Provider frees up resources and time that can be better spent serving for your clients and building your business. Protecting your IT infrastructure with a managed service contract ensures you have a partner to lean on for advice. We will create and implement security policies across your organization to ensure best practices are used. Budget is always a consideration; our managed service solution is a more cost-effective option than hiring your own in-house staff. You will have a team of experienced professionals at your disposal.

VoIP Business Phone Systems for Financial Service Businesses

Utilizing modern communications tools offers tremendous benefits, from improved productivity to significant cost savings. Amicus offers reliable and easy to implement VoIP solutions for your financial services business. Contact us to find out how much we can save you on your monthly phone bill!

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