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Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Fitness, Healthcare and Franchise Businesses

 There’s a fine line between leading the pack and extinction.
You deserve a technology partner with experience in your industry.

The technology needs of different industries can differ dramatically from one another. Compliance requirements, security issues, even communication tools and application needs change. Our technology services team offers decades of experience, working in and with companies from a range of industries. A managed service provider that understands your company’s tech environment and the challenges you face, brings significant value. We listen to your concerns with understanding and offer proven solutions that meet those needs.

Supply Chain IT Support: Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail Distribution, Wholesale Distribution, 

With supply chain operations optimally running 24/7, we understand the need for 100% up-time. IT support for manufacturing and distribution businesses needs to be globally focused due to multi-national supply chains and large-scale networked machinery. Because continuous operation is key to modern production, core infrastructure needs to be designed with flexibility and redundancy. Distribution and supply chain efficiency needs constant improvement as cutting costs and faster service are prioritized. Read more…

Financial Services IT Support: Banks, Real Estate, Escrow Services, Insurance Agencies and CPA Firms

The financial sector demands some of the most cutting-edge technology of any industry on the planet. Though regulatory compliance is a focal point, security, big data, analytics and infrastructure all play major roles in its core services. Our focus at Amicus MSP is to ensure you have secure, stable infrastructure in place with access to the tools you need. We understand that providing top quality service to your clients in this incredibly competitive industry is critical. We work with you to develop and implement long-term technology strategies, while improving your process and quality of service capabilities. Read more…

Fitness and Health Club IT Support: Gyms, Yoga Studios and Professional Sports Training Facilities

Technology is core to the fitness arena in the push towards success. The massive arrays of large screen televisions and speaker systems found in most gyms are just the tip of the iceberg. Point of Sale and CRM software are being integrated to improve marketing opportunities. Luxury gyms can chart training progress with networked exercise equipment. Providing daily workout progress and long-term effectiveness of training regiments offers members information unavailable to less technology-oriented gyms. Amicus provides IT support for health clubs and fitness centers. Read more…

Healthcare and Wellness IT Support: Hospitals, Medical Offices, Insurance, Medical Suppliers, Dentistry, Health and Wellness Providers

Providing the best patient outcomes requires top quality technology. Healthcare providers depend on EMR systems, point of care devices, back office systems for scheduling, billing and more to keep operations running smoothly. It can be a challenge to stay current with constant changes in clinical technology and industry regulations. Failing to meet compliance requirements can be costly and impact your reputation with your clients. Amicus team members have decades of experience in Managed IT Support for Healthcare Providers and Wellness Centers. Read more…

Franchise Business IT Support: Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants

Franchise businesses operate with expansion as the core principle of their model. Amicus MSP partners with companies to provide scalable technology solutions, because removing obstacles to expansion is critical to growth business. As an IFA supplier, we specialize in offering customer service driven IT support and managed services for franchise businesses. Our dedicated client services team works constantly to ensure your business technology is benefiting you in every way possible. Read more…

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