Network Security Assessment

Discovery and Assessment of your Network, Infrastructure, Security and Performance

How Will My Business Benefit From a Network Assessment?

  • Determine what is connected and communicating within your network.
  • Improve your network security.
  • Increase productivity by removing performance issues within your network. 
  • Minimize downtime associated with the failure of aging equipment. 
  • Identify areas of potential cost savings.
  • Effective budgeting with clear insight into the state of your equipment.
  • Design a strategic road-map to guide your IT decisions

Does My Business Need a Network Security Assessment?

As an organization grows, it can be difficult to see exactly what is occurring throughout its network. Without a network security assessment, proper planning and maintenance, blind spots in your infrastructure develop over time. Knowing where your infrastructure’s weak points are is critical because if left unresolved, those blind spots create huge security holes. Once all security issues are resolved, network bottlenecks can be focused on in order to eliminate speed issues which impact productivity. Finally, you will be empowered to make knowledgeable and effective decisions during technology budgeting because the accompanying report highlights any aging or failing equipment. It is the perfect entry point for your technology roadmap.

What is a Network Security Assessment?

A network security assessment provides you with a detailed report and analysis of your company’s existing IT infrastructure, security, processes, patching state and performance. The purpose of the assessment is to identify opportunities for improvement and gain a comprehensive view of the current state of your existing network. This helps you make more informed and strategic business decisions. 

Why is Our Network Security Assessment Free?

While many IT companies charge for this service, we feel that any successful partnership begins with building a solid relationship. We appreciate the opportunity to meet your team and learn about their needs while demonstrating the character of our team and caliber of our services. A network security assessment provides you with invaluable information about your business while providing us with the insight necessary to understand how your business technology is supporting your growth and meeting your day to day needs. 

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