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How a Managed IT Services Plan Benefits Your Company

We partner with businesses to eliminate the difficult and time consuming tasks of hiring and managing qualified IT staff, purchasing and maintaining equipment, and securing your data and infrastructure. Our dedicated team will offer technical solutions for automation and process improvement. We work with your executive team to offer our expertise, support, and strategic planning for any technical decisions. By improving end user experience and efficiency, we work to eliminate unnecessary costs so you can reallocate funds towards growing your business. Below are just some of the benefits of working with Amicus MSP.

  • Predictable Monthly IT Budget With Reduced Labor Costs
  • Dedicated Client Services Manager and Technology Advisor
  • Onsite Help Desk & Remote Support
  • Network Performance & Security Improvements
  • Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring to Minimize Downtime
  • Server Management & Maintenance
  • Data Protection: Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Managed Software & Server Updates
  • Regularly Scheduled Reporting
  • Management of Your Technology Vendors
  • Windows, Mac, Desktop, Laptop & Mobile Device Support

How a Managed IT Services Provider Works with Your Business

We offer both fully-managed and co-managed IT services with a customized solution for each of our partners.

With our Managed IT Service partnerships, we provide top down technical services. Our vCIO will look for ways to improve your business through improved technology utilization, while our field services staff and engineers proactively maintain your infrastructure to minimize downtime that cuts into profits. We also offer onsite helpdesk and 24/7 remote support to keep your staff and devices performing at their peak.

With our Co-managed IT Service partnerships, we work with your internal IT department to provide technical support as needed. We have provided an entire helpdesk team for some co-managed environments while others utilize our team for specialized services, such as cloud server migration or cybersecurity reviews.  We stay up to date on the latest trends in hardware, software, and security, to provide high caliber infrastructure while taking advantage of new services and features as they become available.

How Managed IT Services Plans Differ From Other Strategies

Without a monthly service plan, your IT support options are to either employ your own IT staff, hire professional contractors to service issues as needed, or hope your cousin’s best friend’s sister’s neighbor Harold is still doing IT work on the side for cheap. Each comes with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Internal IT Staff:

Internal Technicians skilled enough to cover all your needs often command high salaries even though the bulk of their time may be spent working on simple issues that an entry level help desk technician could resolve. If your business operates 24/7, you may need to hire a tech for each shift. Because monthly costs can jump wildly when issues arise, budgeting for IT becomes very difficult. Gaps in service can also be an issue when your tech is on vacation or out sick.

IT Contractor:

Contractors offer short term cost savings, you only pay when there is an issue. Those savings disappear in the longer view because they are generally not positioned to provide longer term planning for your company. The focus is on fixing what is broken, not on optimizing your technology. Emergency response times can also be quite slow as they are stretched between multiple clients.

Managed IT Services Provider:

Our dedicated technology team provides serious advantages. Economy of scale helps keep costs down while having a team of diverse specialists at your disposal ensures quick response times. If one tech is busy, there is another waiting to jump in and offer support as needed. We constantly look for ways to improve our client’s technology experience and are focused exclusively on providing value.

Co-Managed IT Services Provider:

Our co-managed, or augmented services combine the oversight and expertise of a managed IT service plan with your own in-house IT staff. This is ideal if you want to maintain in-house staff while supplementing with cost-effective specialists or even extra help desk support during busy times. We offer remote and on-site resources to complement your existing technical staff, whether it be a temporary or long-term need. You can rely on our qualified professionals to fill in the gaps with capable IT professionals. 

Some of our Most Popular Services

IT Infrastructure Management: Systems Management, Network Management, Storage Management
E-Mail Migration and Management: Microsoft Office 365, Exchange & Google’s G-Suite
Data Protection: Data Backups, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)
VoIP Phone Solutions: Design, Installation, Configuration and Administration
Cloud Migration Services: Azure, AWS, Hybrid Solutions
Network Security Assessment: A health checkup for your IT environment.

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