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Strategic Planning and Business Development

Auditing and Assessing IT Infrastructure

Is your business technology being implemented out of necessity and emergency rather than from sound strategic planning? Amicus will provide a comprehensive review of your IT environment, including resource utilization, process maturity, and asset management. Let us put your organization in the best possible place to improve service, security, compliance with governance initiatives while limiting surprise costs that break your budget.

Our team provides IT assessments and consultation based on decades of experience, empowering you to make informed technology decisions. You will receive an unbiased review of your existing infrastructure including:

  • Analysis of your organization’s existing technology
  • Recommendations to optimize existing infrastructure
  • Gap analysis of existing IT policies and processes (incident, change management, budgeting, maintenance, allocation and projects)
  • Asset management review and recommendations (inventory control, equipment life cycle and scheduled replacement planning)
  • Cost projections for replacement of recommended technologies
  • Staffing assessments and skill set gap analysis

Network Architecture & IT Infrastructure Design

Our network engineers have decades of experience designing and implementing secure, high volume enterprise networks. We start with a thorough network assessment for your business, because we know how important it is for you to have a clear, documented breakdown of strengths and weaknesses along with measurable and actionable solutions.  If you currently have an under performing network, we will upgrade your infrastructure, and as a result, mitigate any speed issues impacting your business while helping secure your network traffic.

Remote Workforce and Cyber Hygiene

While most businesses focus on securing their network, many overlook the cyber security concerns related to remote staff. Home networks are just not as secured generally. At Amicus MSP, we recommend going beyond traditional antivirus by incorporating a cyber hygiene protocol when remote access to business technology is needed.

Cyber Security Considerations for Remote Staff

DNS Protection: By redirecting your mobile users’ web traffic through a cloud-based, DNS security solution, you enforce web access policies, ensure regulatory compliance, and stop threats without interfering with the VPNs, firewalls, and other network security tools you already use.
PC Threat Monitoring: Beyond antivirus protection, we can provide Windows and macOS event log monitoring, breach detection, malicious files and processes detection, threat hunting, intrusion detection and more.
VPN Connection to Office: Securing remote connections to your business network is a priority. Creating a VPN provides a secure tunnel from the remote device to the business network to ensure there are no available entry points for bad actors to exploit during connectivity.
Secure File Sharing and Cloud Collaboration: Collaboration is critical to a remote workforce. Provide an encrypted cloud environment for team members to share and collaborate on files. This can eliminate much of the need to connect directly to the business network.
PC Backup and File Protection: With a remote workforce it is critical to make sure all devices are being backed up to the cloud to protect against loss, breakage or cyber security issues such as ransomware. Ensure any lost data is quickly recovered to minimize the associated expenses for your business.

Education and Technical Training

The need for high quality, cost effective technical training is a driving force for every organization. Smart companies know the value of developing their workforce. If you want to improve retention, add value to your resources, and keep a competitive advantage, you need to invest in technical training. Amicus MSP has extensive experience in creating training material based on industry best practices. Your company’s curriculum can be customized to meet the needs of your individual users from the technical expert to the novice.

As firm believers in the necessity of knowledge management, and will help build Standard Operating Procedures. Training can be performed onsite and online to suit your goals.


What Type of Education and Technical Training Does Amicus Offer?

  • Skill gap identification
  • Customized training materials on a wide range of technical subjects
  • Competency progression testing and reporting
  • Documentation and organization of existing processes
  • Technical writing
  • Skills reinforcement seminars

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