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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Simple data backup no longer cuts it in today’s world now that recovery time is recognized as the key to minimizing loss. Traditional backups can take days to recover data in a usable form while modern data protection solutions can reduce recovery times to a fraction of that time. Getting your business back to work quickly means avoiding substantial downtime and the associated costs.

A Loss of valuable data can be every bit as devastating to a business as fire, flooding or earthquakes. In recent studies, only 21% of small businesses are prepared to deal with a major data loss or cyber-security incident, while the loss from a single ransomware occurrence has risen to $700,000 on average in 2018.

Without a plan in place, the impact from data loss can be severe. Planning ahead is simply more cost effective than post-incident damage control and involves none of the risk, it’s just good business.

What is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?

Business continuity is the system and tools put in place by an organization to ensure essential business technology remains accessible and functional after, and optimally during, the occurrence of a disaster. A business technology related disaster would typically be anything that disables, corrupts or destroys the data, applications or primary means of communication for an organization. This can occur from common issues like hardware failure or human error to more severe causes, such as natural disaster, internet outage, fire in a server room or even cyberattacks (ie; Ransomware, Wannacry and Cryptolocker.) The most robust BCDR options use both on premise and cloud based backup to plan for worst case scenario and fastest recovery times. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) options are also available that can spin up an entire cloud based replica of your IT environment to work from until your onsite environment is restored.

How Would a Disaster Impact My Business?

Have you considered how long it would take to recover data into a usable state even when backed up with traditional methods? Aside from core data, what many business owners don’t realize is that Microsoft Office 365 provides no data backup to guarantee against loss of e-mail. Microsoft explicitly states that end users are to provide their own backups.
”What many business owners don’t realize is that Microsoft Office 365 provides no data backup to guarantee against loss of e-mail.” Click To Tweet

  • Is your business prepared to move forward if you were to lose your current and historical e-mail data?
  • If your servers were disabled, how long would your business be down and how much would that downtime cost?
  • How much ransom are you prepared to pay in order to recover data that has been infected with ransomware?
  • If your internet service provider were to have a major outage, how much would it cost your business to lose a day of work?

What Would a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Look Like For My Business?

Disaster recovery requirements are different for every business. Cost and necessity are usually the two determining factors that determine the approach, because of this reality, Amicus offers custom options to fit your needs. If you are a small business that relies heavily on SaaS, it may be as simple as e-mail backup and a fail over internet provider. If you have on-premises servers hosting your data and applications, it may be optimal to have cloud backup to protect against server damage. You may benefit from an onsite BCDR device, such as Datto, for use in case of internet outages. For enterprise level, 24/7 businesses, a strategy may include onsite backup, cloud backup, analog phone fail over for VoIP, ISP fail over and individual e-mail account backups. Mission critical organizations such as hospitals even have DRaaS solutions allowing them to work from a cloud based replica of their environment until onsite services are restored. We can help you work through these considerations to arrive at the solution the best suits your needs.

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