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Covid Guard

A Workspace Check-In, Screening, and Monitoring App for Covid-19

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Covid Guard: Open Your Business Safely 

No matter what we are each dealing with in our own lives, we have all been going through this pandemic together.  While some of us may be enjoying working from home, many businesses simply can’t function that way. Getting people back to work is critical, but it needs to be done as safely as possible. Minimizing the stress and fear that can follow staff heading back into the office is key.

That’s where Covid Guard comes in, a new open source app created for organizations needing to open safely and in accordance with state regulations.

It runs on the Microsoft 365 platform and is available for both mobile devices and workstations. Because the app is open source, it’s free to download and use. It’s a way to give back to the community during these times where businesses are struggling. It can also be customized or branded for your business.

What does Covid Guard Do?

At its core, Covid Guard is a check-in, screening, and monitoring app designed to provide a safer environment for your employees and guests. It regulates the flow of people in and out of a location while it’s built in reporting documents the steps you’ve taken to meet your state’s regulations.

Social distancing requirements are supported with a capacity rule that limits the number of staff or guests into an office at any given time. It also walks each person entering the business through a brief series of questions and a temperature check-in to determine whether they may have been exposed to Covid-19. If any of the answers are red flagged, the staff member can be told to quarantine or self-isolate at home before returning to work, and to contact the human resource department. Again, this is all customizable to meet your business needs.

Covid Guard Application Check-In Features

  • Self Health Declaration Form
    A brief questionnaire and temperature field screens staff and guests for exposure or symptoms of COVID-19 on their mobile device or check-in device at the entrance to each of your business locations.
  • Capacity Rules
    Limit the number of staff and guests admitted for each business location to support social distancing and meet state regulations.
  • Flag & Alert
    Your HR department is alerted when when a person tries to check-in while showing potential Covid-19 symptoms or exposure.
  • Company Messages
    You can share custom messages, company news, and prevention tips can be shared with your team right from the app.
  • Reporting & Documentation
    A built-in dashboard offers tracking and metrics on to highlight app usage, activity, names admitted and totals at each location.
  • Mobile Device and Desktop Support
    Because this app is web-based and built on the Microsoft 365 platform, it works on any smart mobile device or computer.
  • Open-Source: Can Be Customized and Branded
    Because the app is open source, you can customize and brand this app to meet your business needs. Amicus can also customize the app for you at an hourly rate.

Download COVID GUARD and start using IT today!

Common Questions Asked About Covid Guard

  • How does Covid Guard work with Microsoft 365?
    Any version of Microsoft 365 will allow for installation and use of the core features of Covid Guard users and admins. You will need at least one premium license for a Microsoft PowerApps administrative user to utilize the push notifications. Any administrative user who wants to use the dashboards will need a pro license for accessing Power BI. 

  • Does Amicus have access to our data? 
    Because Covid Guard utilizes your M365 environment, Amicus will have no access to your users or data unless you provide it to us for support or customization purposes. 
  • Does Covid Guard require technical expertise to install and use? 
    A basic level of technical proficiency with the Microsoft platform is required for installation but instructions are provided with the download. If you have no technical resource on staff, we can provide installation and support for an hourly fee.  
  • Is Covid Guard really free?
    You bet! Amicus will not introduce any usage fees for the Covid Guard software.


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