• Many franchise/business owners find it difficult to hire and manage qualified IT staff, purchase and maintain equipment, ensure a secure tech environment, and make executive decisions about issues outside of their expertise. Here are just some of the benefits of an MSP for your business:
    • Regular Reporting – A key difference between internal IT and a Managed Service Provider is the ability for an MSP to proactively review business needs on a large scale – by collecting and reporting on everything from recurring support tickets to enterprise-scale network and security monitoring, an MSP can effectively identify points of interest that can help save time and provide insights to help businesses succeed.

    • Management of Technology Vendors – Amicus MSP maintains strong partnerships with many common tech vendors and is experienced in coordinating new partnerships to secure good pricing and ongoing relationships. Let us help your business find what technology it needs to be the most successful, without paying extra for unnecessary bloat.

    • Remote Monitoring & Infrastructure Support – Using professional-grade monitoring tools, Amicus MSP can keep up with all the needs of individual devices including software and firmware patching, operating system updates, malware alerts, printer supplies, server and network outages, and more. With an experienced team of engineers and technicians, you can rest easy knowing that any on-premises or cloud server infrastructure is managed, maintained and up to date, preventing issues before they happen.

  • Amicus MSP can take these time-consuming tasks and more off your hands while saving your franchise/company money in the process.

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